Acer denies plans to pull out of tablet computer market (2011/12/23)
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    Acer denies plans to pull out of tablet computer market (2011/12/23)

    Acer Computer has denied media reports that it plans to pull out of the tablet computer market. Following on from layoffs at subcontract manufacturers Quanta Computer and Inventec an announcement that now Acer wants to streamline its product lines had caused some to fear for their jobs. However, the company has issued reassurances to employees that it has no plans for layoffs or unpaid leave.

    Retailers have been putting their stocks of iPad 2 on the shelves because so many customers are enquiring about the product. They say as many as 70 percent of enquiries about tablet computers mention the Apple product.

    I think it’s the effect of Jobs passing away that has caused an increase in sales.

    The hard-to-beat iPad 2 has caused Taiwan’s Acer to revise its 2011 shipment estimates for its tablets down from 5 million at the start of the year to just 2.5 to 3 million. Now, on the back of a streamlining of its product lines announced earlier this month, reports have emerged that 150 of its 300 staff in its touchscreen R&D department will be transferred to its global logistics division.

    Voice of Henry Wang
    Acer Spokesman
    That’s part of our streamlining policy. It doesn’t mean we are pulling out of the tablet market. I have heard nothing about unpaid leave or staff reductions, nothing at all.

    Apart from Acer, others affected by Apple’s dominance are Quanta Computer who laid off staff when RIM cancelled its PlayBook tablet computer and Inventec, who laid off almost 400 people when HP cancelled its TouchPad. By contrast, employees at Hon Hai subsidiaries such as Foxconn, Foxlink, and Catcher Technology are unable to take time off at the moment, as they rush to get the iPad 3 onto the market before the Lunar New Year holiday.
    中文 Chinese  

    蘋果平板電腦iPad 2市佔率高,繼RIM代工廠廣達,和惠普平板電腦代工廠英業達大裁員後,現在宏碁也要淡出平板電腦市場,不過宏碁也澄清,是要走精兵政策,不會有裁員和放無薪假的狀況發生。

    賣場人員特地把iPad 2庫存拿出來陳列擺設,就是因為iPad 2詢問度高,10個人裡頭就有7個人,指名要蘋果。


    難敵iPad 2,宏碁平板電腦出貨量,從年初500萬台,下修到250到300萬台,現在更傳出要裁撤觸控事業群,原本300員工,其中150位研發人員將轉任到電腦產品全球運籌中心管理。

    [[電訪:宏碁發言人 汪島雄]]

    除了宏碁,非蘋陣營裡頭惠普代工的廣達,和RIM代工的英業達,之前都因為業務量減縮大裁員,反觀大啃蘋果的鴻海、鴻準,正崴和可成,員工在農曆年得停修,加緊趕工明年要出貨的iPad 3。
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