University entrance exam results announced, less than 3% fail to gain entry (2009/08/07)
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    University entrance exam results announced, less than 3% fail to gain entry (2009/08/07)

    More than 97% of entrance examination candidates will enter university this year. The results of last month’s entrance exams were announced Friday and those who wish to study at National Taiwan University’s department of medicine needed a score of 523 points. Meanwhile, the lowest possible score to gain a place at college was 68.19 points, well up on the historic low score of 7 that caused a furor last year.

    The results of last month’s university entrance exams were announced Friday.

    The recruitment rate rose 0.04 percentage points to a new high of 97.14%.

    National Taiwan University had the highest requirements in every course this year. To get into medicine at NTU a score of 523.16 is necessary.

    I-Shou University’s Department of Industrial Engineering and Management had the lowest entry score of 68.18, but that was almost ten times higher than last year’s entry requirement of just 7 points.

    uo Kung-hwang
    University Exam Committee
    This year, because registration standards were set very low, so recruitment at very low scores will naturally disappear, said University Exam Committee President Kuo Kung-hwang. That means we reached one of the goals we had when we asked for low registration requirements.

    Due to the low requirements for registration 995 people did not qualify for a place at university. Meanwhile places not filled at universities totaled 6,800, up 2,000 from last year.

    Kuo Kung-hwang
    University Exam Committee
    The number of students has reduced due to the effect of the (nation’s) low birth rate, said Kuo. The number of students to be recruited has not changed so the number of unfilled places will naturally rise

    Schools with zero students applying to enter at least one department included Leader University, Hsing Kuo University of Management, NanHua University and Mingdao University.

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