King of Eswatini reveals he was treated for COVID by Taiwan doctors in January (2021/02/23)
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    King of Eswatini reveals he was treated for COVID by Taiwan doctors in January (2021/02/23)

    The King of Eswatini has revealed he was treated for a COVID infection by a team of Taiwan doctors in January. His Majesty King Mswati III made the unexpected revelation in the Parliament of Eswatini. The country is currently Taiwan's only diplomatic ally in Africa. We spoke to Dr. Wei Po-li of Taipei Medical University Hospital, about the top-secret medical diplomacy mission.

    Mswati III(February 19)
    King of Eswatini
    I am grateful to the president of the Republic of China, Taiwan, for sending through this medication to help treat me.

    Speaking in the Eswatini parliament, King Mswati revealed that he caught COVID at the start of this year. The head of Taiwan's only African ally thanked Taiwan for its medical assistance. A team of five from Taipei Medical University Hospital was dispatched to Eswatini.

    Dr. Wei Po-li
    Taipei Medical University Hospital
    The king's was not a severe case, in fact, so we proceeded with a course of treatment for a mild case. Within a week his viral load began to fall.

    Seven of the king's wives were also diagnosed with the virus. TMUH sent the emergency team of five doctors on a 12-hour charter flight to the country, to provide a month of treatment.

    Dr. Wei Po-li
    Taipei Medical University Hospital
    His status is rather special, so we viewed it very cautiously. We administered many treatments after appropriate discussions between our team of experts and local doctors.

    The mission was top secret until now, with even the doctors' families unaware of its details. The team video-called with the hospital daily, however, to discuss the situation. They returned to Taiwan just before Lunar New Year.

    Dr. Wei Po-li
    Taipei Medical University Hospital
    Before returning to Taiwan, the king held an audience with the whole team, to express his utmost gratitude. I want to stress that this was our small contribution to our "citizen diplomacy," which we feel very happy about.

    The medical mission will be certain to shore up Taiwan's diplomatic ties with the Kingdom.
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