Best Trip in the World (2009/08/07)
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    Best Trip in the World (2009/08/07)

    The Tourism Bureau's "Best Trip in the World" contest is now under way, and 50 chosen groups of international travelers are beginning their trips to Taiwan. For each day of a 4-day trip, they will receive a NT$7,000 reimbursement, but the catch is, they need to post pictures or videos of their trip online as they travel through Taiwan. Michella Jade Weng caught up with a team from Malaysia in Hualien.

    Bak Kut Teh
    I'm Bak. I'm Kut. We're Bak Kut Teh from Malaysia. We've come to participate in the Best Trip in the World contest.
    Best Trip of the World Taiwan!

    These two college students from Malaysia are in Taiwan as part of the the Tourism Bureau's Best Trip in the World competition. They've come to Hualien and are trying out traditional Amis tribe bamboo weaving for themselves.

    In the evening, they've decided to check out an indigenous themed night market, and seeing there's a dance show going on, they've decided to join in on the fun.

    Michella Jade Weng
    Their theme is, "in search of tribal melodies.”

    Ng Boon Ming
    The search of aboriginal melody is a
    very original as well as never been tried before by other people and it's kind
    of interesting for us. We would like to discover more of Taiwan's aboriginal
    races, about their cultures, their foods, about all their stuff.

    The reason why they're filming each other during the trip is because part of the rules of the contest is, they need to post pictures or videos of their trip on the Internet for everyone to see, otherwise they can't get their NT$7,000 a day reimbursement.

    Theirs and other treams' travel stories can be found and voted on, at Taiwanbesttrip.net. The winner will receive NT$1 million to travel Taiwan again.

    Michella Jade Weng, Formosa TV, Hualien.
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    [[旅客 Bak Kut Teh]]
    我是肉 我是骨 我們是來自馬來西亞的肉骨茶
    Best Trip of the World Taiwan!



    [[記者 翁郁容]]
    他們的主題就是 尋找原住民的旋律

    [[旅客 Ng Boon Ming]]
    灣原住民族群 他們的文化 他們的食物 等等



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