TSMC founder Morris Chang recognized with Order of Propitious Clouds (2018/09/14)
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    TSMC founder Morris Chang recognized with Order of Propitious Clouds (2018/09/14)

    During his storied career at the helm of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Morris Chang led Taiwan to the top of the world's semiconductor industry. Today, 87-year-old Chang became the first in history to be awarded the Order of Propitious Clouds for his corporate leadership. Chang received the accolade from President Tsai today.

    President Tsai personally presented the Order of Propitious Clouds to TSMC founder Morris Chang today, as a gift of gratitude for his years of contribution to Taiwan’s high-tech sector.

    Tsai Ing-wen
    Just last year, TSMC officially became the largest semiconductor company in the world. Through technology, through innovation, and through enthusiasm, Chang let the world see Taiwan. Today in this award ceremony, I want to represent the people of Taiwan in expressing the utmost respect and gratitude to Chang for his important contribution to Taiwan.

    Chang had insisted on keeping TSMC’s roots in Taiwan. At 87 years old, the “godfather” of Taiwan’s chip sector has become the first industry leader in history to receive the presidential order.

    Morris Chang
    TSMC founder
    I am grateful to the president for giving me such a great honor. Right now TSMC is a very successful company, but it also faces many challenges. But I deeply believe in, and look forward to, the people of TSMC continuing to advance and create new miracles under the new generation of leaders.

    Premier Lai Ching-te and former Academia Sinica chief Lee Yuan-tseh were both in the audience today as Chang received the honor. At the event, neither the premier nor the president would confirm rumors that Chang has been named Taiwan representative at this year’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.

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    張忠謀獲頒"一等卿雲勳章" 商界領袖第一人



    [[總統 蔡英文]]
    “就在去年 台積電正式成為,世界第一大半導體公司,張創辦人用技術用創新用熱情,讓世界看見台灣,那麼今天的授勳儀式,我要代表國家對張創辦人,對台灣的重要貢獻,表達最高的敬意跟謝意。”


    [[台積電創辦人 張忠謀]]
    “謝謝總統給予我這麼大的榮譽,台積電現在是很成功的公司,但是也面臨很多挑戰,我仍然深深地相信 也熱切期待,在新一代領導人帶領下,台積全體同仁能夠持續努力 再創奇蹟。”


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