Far Eastern International Bank punished for leaking personal information (2010/08/11)
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    Far Eastern International Bank punished for leaking personal information (2010/08/11)

    The Joint Credit Information Center has issued its heaviest-ever penalty for a personal information leak. The center will not let Far Eastern International Bank check its customer credit histories for 42 days. It levied the punishment because it says Far Eastern is a repeat offender for leaking personal info.

    Far Eastern International Bank will not be permitted to check customer credit histories at the Joint Credit Information Center for 42 days. The punishment was meted out after the center discovered the bank was handing over credit history information to a car dealer it cooperates with.

    Lai Guo-ching
    Joint Credit Information Center
    According to our members’ contract, it can only be for credit purposes or with written consent or a contractual relationship from the affected parties. Information checks can’t be leaked to a third party.

    Far Eastern has become the subject of the heaviest penalty ever handed out by the center. The bank issued a press release claiming that it had first received written approval from customers before sharing information it had acquired from the Joint Credit Information Center with a car dealer. It further claimed it did not violate the Personal Data Protection Act or the Banking Act. The credit center is still convinced the bank violated its contract.

    Lai Guo-ching
    Joint Credit Information Center
    We discovered repeat violations.

    This is not the first such incident involving Far Eastern in the past three years. Therefore, the current penalty is heavier than that for a first offense, which would be a five- to 30-day suspension. The bank says it will look into its car loan processes to avoid a repeat.
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