Impact of China-Korea FTA (2014/11/10)
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    Impact of China-Korea FTA (2014/11/10)

    After 30 months of negotiations, China and South Korea have effectively reached a free trade agreement. And while China and South Korea have reached broad agreement, Taiwan’s trade-in-goods negotiations with China continue to stall. The Ministry of Economic Affairs warns that domestic enterprises will feel the impact.

    Cho Shi-chao
    Vice Economics Minister
    Our exports and South Korean exports to China share about 77 percent similarity. Our assessment is that our steel, machine tools, automobiles, LCD panel displays and other industries will be impacted over the next three-to-five years if we do not complete trade-in-goods negotiations (with China). This could result in a financial impact of NT$260-650 billion. Former Vice President Vincent Siew went to China for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum and met with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Both agreed to speed up cross-strait trade-in-goods negotiations.
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    中韓FTA確定 將衝擊國內產業


    [[經濟部次長 卓士昭]]
    我們跟韓國出口到中國的結構大概77%相似,我們也經過評估,會對我們的鋼鐵、工具機、汽車、面板等產業(造成衝擊),這個衝擊在未來3到5年,如果我們的貨貿還是不能完成的話,衝擊大概2600億到6500億台幣之間。這次我們蕭前副總統到中國,去參加APEC領袖會議,也跟對岸的習領導人見面,雙方也同意 希望加速貨品貿易的談判。
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