Foreign minister thanks India for supporting Taiwan (2020/10/16)
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    Foreign minister thanks India for supporting Taiwan (2020/10/16)

    This year, ahead of Double Ten National Day, Taiwan saw a groundswell of support coming from India. Indian media defied China by publishing Taiwan's National Day ads, while Indian netizens flooded Taiwanese social media with National Day good wishes. This week Taiwan's foreign minister Joseph Wu took an interview with an Indian news program, where he thanked the people of India for standing up to Beijing.

    Joseph Wu
    Foreign minister
    Taiwan happens to be on the front line of the Chinese expansionism. Taiwan is a democracy and we want to fight for our existence, and we want to be prevailed so that democracy around the world can prevail.

    In an interview on India Today, foreign minister Wu reiterated Taiwan's position. He also thanked Indian media for defying Chinese threats by printing Taiwan National Day ads.

    Joseph Wu
    Foreign minister
    We are very happy to see that the Indian press, and the Indian friends disregarded the Chinese pressure and they celebrated our national day with us. The fact is that Taiwan is a democracy, and Taiwan shares the same values as Indians.

    Meanwhile, Indian social media is abuzz with posts related to Taiwan. In a recent tweet, President Tsai Ing-wen shared photos of her 2012 trip to India's Taj Mahal. In the tweet, Tsai used the Hindu greeting "namaste," saying that the warm greetings of Indian internet users brought back pleasant memories of her trip. The tweet has been shared over 10,000 times. Since India has took up the banner of Taiwan's National Day, President Tsai's Twitter account has grown hugely popular. It now has over 1.4 million followers.

    Tien Chung-kwang
    Deputy foreign minister
    This is the metaphorical blending of bubble tea and masala chai. I believe that very soon, India will be adding bubbles to its masala chai. The second phenomenon that's unfolding is the awakening of civil society.

    The global winds of change are stirring, says deputy foreign minister Tien Chung-kwang, who was stationed in India for eight years. At the annual meeting of the Taiwan-India Parliamentary Friendship Association, the India-Taipei Association commended Taiwan for its success with COVID and economic development. It said it anticipates close cooperation between the two countries in the future.

    Gourangalal Das
    India-Taipei Association
    There is great admiration and great recognition in India for Taiwan's many achievements, and - with its complementary capabilities - [India] can be an ideal partner for you in this journey.

    Wu Yu-chin
    Taiwan-India Parliamentary Friendship Association
    To be sure, China-India relations have been tense. Conversely, Taiwan-India relations have been steadily improving. Even Taiwanese investments in India have seen growth. It's 100%. Indian representative to Taiwan Gourangalal Das has even visited the legislature. That is a first.

    Taiwan-India relations are moving forward, with interactions between governments and people-to-people.

    中文 Chinese  
    吳釗燮登印媒專訪 感謝印度無懼中國挺台

    日前我國雙十國慶,印度媒體不畏中國打壓,不僅刊登滿版廣告,甚至播出專題報導!總統蔡英文的推特貼出參訪印度的照片,感謝印度朋友支持,也因此人氣大漲,得到破萬人次轉推。印度台北協會會長戴國瀾稱讚台灣防疫和經濟成就,外交部長吳釗燮,也以長達近20分 鐘的專訪,登上受眾2億8千萬人的印度主流媒體。

    [[外交部長 吳釗燮]]
    “台灣位於中國擴張主義 的第一線,台灣是個民主國家,我們要為自己而戰、爭取勝利,全世界的民主國家才能勝利。”


    [[外交部長 吳釗燮]]


    [[外交部次長 田中光]]


    [[印度台北協會會長 戴國瀾]]

    [[台印國會友好協會會長 吳玉琴]]

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