Lithuania showered with love from Taiwan after COVID vaccine donation (2021/07/28)
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    Lithuania showered with love from Taiwan after COVID vaccine donation (2021/07/28)

    Lithuania's national broadcaster has run a special show on Taiwan, after Taiwanese showed their passion for Lithuanian products.
    Following Lithuania's donation of 20,000 doses of COVID vaccine to Taiwan, ordinary Taiwanese people stepped in to make their gratitude known with their wallets. From donations to charities, to purchases of Lithuanian alcohol and chocolate, the European country is getting showered with appreciation.

    This show by the Lithuanian national broadcaster is dedicated entirely to Taiwan. After Lithuania donated 20,000 doses of AstraZeneca to Taiwan, there’s been a flood of gratitude coming to the European country. Lithuanian products have been snapped up by Taiwanese buyers, and Lithuanian charities have been inundated with donations. YouTubers are in on the Lithuania love too. International couple, Mila from Poland and Sky from Taiwan encouraged fans on Facebook to express their thanks in the Lithuanian language. Their video ended on up on the Lithuanian TV show, which ignited a storm on social media, with lots of celebrities singing Taiwan’s praises.

    Lithuanian TV broadcaster
    I noticed that people were saying online, “Taiwan isn’t the only country Lithuania donated vaccines to. I never expected Taiwan’s gratitude to be so big. No other country is the same!”

    Taiwan’s creative ways of saying thanks are growing famous worldwide. A popular Lithuanian brand of chocolate was so overwhelmed with purchases from Taiwan that it had to suspend online orders. Orders from June 24-25 won’t be ready for shipping until Aug. 20. Even this owner of a Lithuanian bar in Taiwan has felt the love.

    Yeh Kuo-hsien
    Owner of Lithuanian bar
    I’ve sold loads of these. I had to keep taking more and more out of the store. I didn’t expect to sell so many. I couldn’t use them during the pandemic. I brought out all my special treasures. I think it’s fascinating. Everyone has gone Lithuania mad. Suddenly this wave of interest in Lithuania has swept across Taiwan. Taiwanese people are very honorable like that. You can feel how we find ways to pay people back when they have stood beside us.

    The bar has been closed due to COVID, but its owner says he’s sold tens of thousands of bottles of Lithuanian drinks. That’s probably more than one bottle per shot of vaccine – a good deal for both sides.
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