The rise of the machines in the traditional textile sector (2018/09/13)
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    The rise of the machines in the traditional textile sector (2018/09/13)

    Taiwan's textiles sector is renowned in the world, but it faces a shortage of factory manpower. As a result, Taiwanese manufacturers are increasingly turning to automated processes. At this year's Taiwan International Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition, over 300 booths are showcasing the latest they have to offer in automated production.

    This electronic sewing machine can rotate 360 degrees to stitch intricate patterns on a garment within minutes. And then there’s this digital heat press machine. Just cover the cloth with a sheet of dye, press on high heat for 40 seconds, and the beautiful colors are transferred to the white fabric.

    With this machine, cutting fabric is made easy.

    Kao Ching-tang
    Machinery manufacturer
    This is what we call industrial revolution. As long as you can press a button on a computer, the machine will cut the fabric for you. It replaces a vast amount of manpower, improving efficiency by 3 to 5 times.

    There’s another machine that’s even more amazing. It can fold 12.5 pieces of clothing in a minute and pack them in plastic bags. Another manufacturer has developed an automated sorter that separate items by color, size and even their delivery routes.

    Bai Chi-yuan
    Machinery specialist
    Traditionally, we separate and sort products by sight. It’s time-consuming. This visual recognition system can photograph and scan items. It can sort them right away.

    As the traditional textile sector comes up against a manpower crunch, this year’s exhibition puts the spotlight on automated solutions that can make textile production “smart.”

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    紡織業邁向自動化 摺衣機60秒摺好12.5件衣




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