Death of People First Party’s Liu Wen-hsiung mourned by colleagues (2017/08/01)
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    Death of People First Party’s Liu Wen-hsiung mourned by colleagues (2017/08/01)

    The People First Party Deputy Secretary-General Liu Wen-hsiung passed away last night. Liu had suffered a heart attack brought on by alcohol consumption, and was sent to hospital in a critical condition on July 21. After 11 days in a coma, he died last night. President Tsai has publicly expressed her regrets. PFP Chairman James Soong went to grieve his late colleague, who was Muslim, at the Taipei Grande Mosque this morning.

    After entering Taipei Grand Mosque, James Soong, Chairman of the People First Party, was overcome with emotion, and wiped his eyes several times.

    James Soong
    PFP Chairman
    He always gave me so much support, which exhausted him greatly. Today I particularly want to express my deepest gratitude for his camaraderie.

    When James Soong split from the KMT to form the People First Party, Liu followed him from the beginning. Even when many PFP members left to join the KMT, Liu remained loyal and stayed in the PFP. After Tsai Ing-wen became president, Liu was listed as a nominee for one of the 11 vacancies in the Control Yuan. But his abrupt death has come before his nomination could be confirmed.

    Lee Hung-chun
    PFP Caucus Whip
    Wen-hsiung was my friend and my brother. He guided me and taught me like a big brother. He helped me so much. To be honest, it was really exhausting for him since the death of Secretary-General Chin Chin-sheng. It’s really unbearable for us to see things like this.

    Islamic funeral customs call for a swift and simple burial within 72 hours of death. Mr. Liu’s funeral will take place on Thursday 3, when he will be buried in an Islamic cemetery.
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    劉文雄昨傍晚辭世 宋楚瑜悼念痛哭



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