New health minister wants to raise health insurance fees (2009/08/07)
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    New health minister wants to raise health insurance fees (2009/08/07)

    Newly appointed Health Minister, Yang Jhih-Liang, wasted no time bringing up the subject of raising premiums for the National Health Insurance program. On his first full day in the job, Yang proposed a hike of 0.68 percentage points saying that if rates couldn't rise and the National Health Insurance Bureau isn't permitted to fail, then only divine intervention can save the system.

    After taking over the post of Health Minister just one day earlier, Yang Jhih-Liang said he is determined to raise health care premiums from the present 4.55% to 5.13%. According to current calculations, a typical salaried employee earning in excess of NT$40,000 per month currently paying NT$625 per month would see that increase to NT$705. Yang is taking on a topic that his predecessors had avoided, potentially stirring up a hornet's nest for President Ma Ying-jeou.

    Voice of Yang Jhih-Liang
    Health Minister
    I don’t want to stir up a hornet's nest, said Yang. Let me ask you, how would I explain myself to the Control Yuan. Originally, I did not want to talk about this matter. It was the Control Yuan's idea in the first place, ask them. If national health insurance plans are not allowed to fail, and health care premiums can't increase and there's no reduction in medical coverage, than only Buddha, God, and Allah can manage this situation. I ask you, is my proposed adjustment wrong?

    However, with no noticeable improvement in the economy, and the unemployment rate remaining high, the idea of raising health insurance premiums caused many people to frown.

    My monthly salary is just NT$40,000 and I believe that my health insurance premiums are already high, said this woman.

    Collecting on the debts owed to them first and then asking for additional funds would be more reasonable, I think, said this man.

    Yang plans to first negotiate with Taipei and Kaohsiung for NT$50 billion in fees they already owe, at the same time raising premiums for the rich, and expanding subsidies to low-income households. He hopes to send a proposal to the Cabinet within one month.
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