Egg shortage drives price to 20-year high (2019/01/10)
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    Egg shortage drives price to 20-year high (2019/01/10)

    First it's hot and then it's cold. That's been the weather cycle this winter, and it's taking a toll on hens and their egg production. On Monday, the price of wholesale price of eggs hit the 20-year high of NT$3 a catty. That means a crate of eggs that used to cost NT$300 now goes for NT$840. Across Taiwan, restaurants are struggling to deal with the skyrocketing cost of eggs, which could lead to higher menu prices.

    It's another day at the breakfast shop, and the cook cracks egg after egg onto the griddle. Eggs go great in nearly everything, from sandwiches to teppanyaki noodles.

    This particular shop goes through more than 100 eggs a day. But egg prices are at their highest in 20 years, and that's putting the business in a bind. The owner used to pay NT$300 to NT$500 for a crate of 160 to 170 eggs. These days, the price is upwards of NT$800.

    Breakfast shop owner
    I'm going crazy. Before eggs cost NT$200 to NT$300. Now the price has more than doubled. Eggs are dearer than my own flesh.

    This breakfast shop proprietor is also feeling the pain. For now, most owners have chosen to absorb the added costs and to not raise menu prices. They hope the price rise will ease after the Lunar New Year holiday.

    Member of the public
    Right now I eat eggs very often. But I might not be able to afford to if they become more expensive.

    Media report that there's rationing in some parts of Taiwan, with each customer limited to purchasing a set number of eggs. But the national egg merchants' union said there is no plan to ration eggs. It said that for now, the supply of eggs available for commercial sale is stable.
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    雞蛋漲幅創20年新高 早餐店業者叫苦連天







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