Reports of big year-end bonuses at some companies (2011/11/15)
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    Reports of big year-end bonuses at some companies (2011/11/15)

    Early reports of year-end bonuses are making fears of a double dip recession seem overplayed. One online gaming company is planning to give bonuses worth as much as a year’s salary while some in the automobile industry can look forward to more than half a year’s extra pay.

    Every drink in this machine only costs NT$5 and the snacks in the recreation room are free. Benefits for the employees at online game company MacroWell OMG Digital Entertainment even include a massage room.

    MacroWell Employee
    We have an appointment system. On average you can make one or two appointments per month. It helps us put in a hard day’s work.

    The company’s outstanding sales will also be reflected in end-of-year bonuses, with some people set to receive the equivalent of twelve months salary.

    Calvin Lin
    MacroWell CEO
    I hope to use the large range of benefits to attract more young people to enter our industry.

    The hi-tech industry is not the only one planning to pay big bonuses. In the car industry, reports claim Hotai Motor plans to pay up to 11 months of salary while Yulon Group is expected to pay between six and nine months.

    The financial services industry is also looking good, with employees at state-controlled banks set to receive up to 4.6 months of salary. Privately run holdings companies such as Mega Financial, Fubon and ChinaTrust are looking at paying seven months.
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