Study makes case for walking against traffic (2019/12/02)
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    Study makes case for walking against traffic (2019/12/02)

    When there is no sidewalk, should you walk with the flow of traffic or against it? A new study argues that one of the two is clearly more dangerous. Taipei Medical University researchers compared crash data for pedestrians who were either walking with or against traffic. They found that pedestrians walking with traffic were more likely to die from a crash or to suffer a head injury.

    A study by Taipei Medical University finds that between 2011 and 2016, more than 10,700 people got into crashes while walking with their back to the traffic. That’s nearly three times the number of pedestrians hit while facing traffic.

    Pedestrians walking with traffic are especially vulnerable to electric scooters, which can be very quiet as they zip along city streets.

    Researchers called on the government to do more to promote walking against traffic.

    Tang Ru-yen
    Transport official
    The key thing here is this. It’s only when you’re facing traffic that you can react to the various situations that could unfold. Basically it’s our campaign about how “safety is when you can see me and I can see you.” There’s a line in there that says that pedestrians should walk on the side of the road, facing incoming traffic.

    Member of the public
    Back in the day we used to say, “Keep to the right.” But to be on the safe side, it’s better to walking against the direction of traffic.

    For years now, the government has promoted walking against traffic. Since July 2019, all new electric scooters have been required to make warning sounds when traveling at low speeds. The requirement will expand to all electric vehicles on July 2021 to make roads a little safer for pedestrians.

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    逆向走才安全 行人順向走車禍致死率達82%





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