European Parliament adopts pro-Taiwan report amid Chinese pressure (2021/10/22)
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    European Parliament adopts pro-Taiwan report amid Chinese pressure (2021/10/22)

    The European Parliament overwhelmingly passed a report on Thursday calling for enhanced political relations and cooperation with Taiwan. Among other things, the report calls for the EU to prepare to negotiate a bilateral investment agreement with Taiwan. It also calls for the EU's mission to Taiwan to be renamed the "European Union Office in Taiwan." The report was passed amid Chinese pressure on European members of parliament. One of them even said China had threatened her with "consequences" if she endorsed the report.

    Members of the European Parliament pose for a photo with Taiwan’s representative to the EU, Tsai Ming-yen. The picture was taken on Thursday at 4 p.m. Taipei time, just after the European Parliament passed a report on enhancing Taiwan-EU political relations and cooperation.

    European MPs voted 580-26 to overwhelmingly pass the report.

    The report calls for enhancing the EU’s relations with Taiwan. It calls for the EU’s representative office in Taiwan to be renamed from the current “European Economic and Trade Office” to “European Union Office in Taiwan.” It also calls on the EU to prepare for negotiations to sign a bilateral investment agreement with Taiwan. The report also urges the EU to do more to address China’s continued military belligerence against Taiwan.

    The author of the report, Swedish MP Charlie Weimers called the approval of the text a historic vote that sends a strong signal to Beijing.

    Charlie Weimers
    Swedish member of the European Parliament
    The EU must condemn China’s action in the strongest possible terms, and stress that China’s actions against Taiwan will have consequences for EU-China relations.

    Another Swedish Member of the European Parliament Evin Incir, said that she had received threats from China after expressing support for the report. She said her support for Taiwan remained unshaken.

    Evin Incir
    Swedish member of the European Parliament
    A few months ago I received a letter of threat by the Chinese embassy in Sweden. “We hope that you withdraw your support immediately and not pursue this course of action, otherwise you shall be held responsible for all consequences.” I will proudly vote in favor of the report today in defense of democracy and freedom.

    President Tsai Ing-wen also celebrated the passing of the report on social media.

    She pointed out that this was the first time the European Parliament had passed an official text regarding the political relations between the EU and Taiwan. She said its passing was extremely meaningful, and showed the European Parliament’s high regard for Taiwan. The president thanked the MPs that had backed the text for continuing to support Taiwan despite outside pressure. Meanwhile, the report ruffled a few feathers across the strait.

    Wang Wenbin
    Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson
    The European Parliament's adoption of the above-mentioned report is vile in nature and has an egregious impact. China strongly condemns and rejects this move.

    Arthur Ding
    NCCU honorary professor
    Over the past few years, Xi Jinping has adopted a series of very hard actions both domestically and internationally, which have sparked strong backlash against China in European and Western countries. Frankly speaking, this has greatly helped Taiwan shine brighter and brighter on the international stage.

    The scholar says that China’s wolf-warrior diplomacy has only been to its detriment in Europe, boosting support for Taiwan.

    So far this year, the European Parliament has passed 12 pro-Taiwan texts. Their contents range from affirming Taiwan’s strategy against COVID and calling for stronger EU-Taiwan relations, to expressing concern for China’s military intimidation of Taiwan and support for Taiwan’s inclusion in international organizations. Altogether, they show that support for Taiwan is growing in Europe, and that relations between Taiwan and the EU are stronger than ever.
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