3rd central Taipei east-west line to open Saturday (2014/11/10)
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    3rd central Taipei east-west line to open Saturday (2014/11/10)

    Taipei residents will soon have a new MRT line. The Songshan line opens on Saturday, exactly two weeks before city residents head to the polls to choose their next mayor.

    After eight years of work, the Songshan line is set to become the third east-west line located in central Taipei.

    Hau Lung-bin
    Taipei Mayor
    The Songshan MRT line will formally open at 6 am on Nov. 15. This network change will be the last. Final network organization is in place.

    The eight-station line begins from Songshan Station and follows Nanjing East Rd. before ending in Ximen. For the first month of operations, EasyCard users will enjoy free transit for the Songshan line portions of their journey.

    MRT users also must brace for a change: the Tamsui and Xindian lines will no longer connect. All trains from Tamsui will now head toward Xiangshan, and trains from Songshan will head toward Xindian.

    City councilors commented on how the opening of the line comes just two weeks before major elections.

    Hsu Shu-hwa
    DPP Taipei City Councilor
    The Songshan line could have opened a year ago. Why was it delayed until now? It’s clear that Sean Lien needs to save his election campaign. But in our eyes, it’s a useless pursuit.

    City Councilor Hsu Shu-hwa believes the line’s opening is an attempt to save Lien, the KMT Taipei mayoral nominee. Hau insists politics did not play a role in setting the date to open the new line.
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    松山線本週六通車 一個月免費搭



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