Ministry conducts first road test trial (2011/12/07)
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    Ministry conducts first road test trial (2011/12/07)

    The Transportation Ministry held its first trial today of a new drivers’ test that will take place on public roads, likely starting in 2014. About half of the test takers failed, but they were all rewarded a license through the current system.

    New drivers are always nervous. When the instructor issued an order to park at the roadside, a small mistake with the angle saw the back tire go onto the sidewalk.

    Items to be tested in the on-road tests include changing lanes and roadside parking. Thirty-three students were tested on the first day but only 17 passed—a failure rate of around 50 percent.

    Wei Yu-chong
    Highways Training Institute
    The most common mistake we saw was crossing the lines that separate lanes or driving out of the lane. Everyone gets nervous when they take a test.

    Today’s event was just a trial. In the end, all the test takers received their license. The road tests have provided food for thought for the agencies in charge of testing.

    Shih Jin-liang
    Highways Training Institute
    We eventually want to expand this to other units so we can hold joint trials. Our plan is for the whole process to take about three years.

    The plan is for all new drivers to take a road test starting in September 2014. At that time, drivers will need to pass a written test and then two driving tests, one in the driving school and then one on the road, before they will receive a license.
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    [[公路人員訓練所組長 魏玉忠]]


    [[公路人員訓練所所長 施金樑]]
    “是不是要再擴充到其他的單位,一起來試辦 我們的規劃,是大概整個期程是三年時間”

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