Labor minister distances himself from teacher right to strike, regional wage proposals (2014/05/12)
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    Labor minister distances himself from teacher right to strike, regional wage proposals (2014/05/12)

    The Ministry of Labor has backed off from a pair of labor proposals floated in recent days – one to grant teachers the legal right to strike, the other to differ minimum wages based on region.

    The biggest backlash to the ministry’s proposal to let teachers strike came from principals’ and parents’ organizations. The labor minister, however, believes that this is a discussion which must take place.

    Pan Shih-wei
    Labor Minister
    It’s different when students and teachers go on strike. Whether this amendment is desirable doesn’t have anything to do with whether I permit it. Rather, it is something everyone must discuss. Society must talk about the feasibility of implementing rights designated in international conventions.

    The labor minister sought to distance himself from another labor-related proposal.

    Chiang Hui-chen
    KMT Legislator
    The most popular topic of discussion is the regional minimum wage.

    Pan Shih-wei
    Labor Minister
    We’re not discussing a regional minimum wage. If minimum wages are the same across the country then we cannot just change the system. The necessary legal amendment would be highly difficult.

    Pan Shih-wei originally proposed a regional minimum wage due to cost of living gaps and a desire to give greater flexibility to local governments. Strong opposition has led him to back off this idea.
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    [[勞動部長 潘世偉]]

    另外勞動部拋出的 「分區基本工資」,也引起討論。


    [[勞動部長 潘世偉]]

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