Taipei breakfast shop to become first to use unified invoice receipts (2011/11/15)
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    Taipei breakfast shop to become first to use unified invoice receipts (2011/11/15)

    After a protracted fight to not issue unified invoice receipts, a Taipei breakfast shop will join the tax system tomorrow. It will become Taiwan’s first traditional Chinese breakfast shop specializing in soybean milk to use the receipts.

    Business is so good that almost every morning long queues of customers form at Fu Hang Dou Jiang. On the counter where customers place their orders is an invoice machine. Workers are practicing using the machine because starting tomorrow, they will hand out the first official receipt issued by a traditional Chinese breakfast shop in Taiwan.

    Fu Hang Dou Jiang Owner
    You have to issue receipts. That’s all. We will cooperate with this policy. There’s intense competition in this industry, right? Your costs will increase a lot.

    Earlier this year, the National Tax Administration announced a crackdown on chain store businesses with revenues in excess of NT$200,000 per month. In mid-July, Fu Hang closed for one month to protest being forced to pay tax. On Aug. 23 it submitted an appeal to the National Tax Administration, but on Sept. 1 the administration issued its first fine of NT$3,000. On Oct. 20 the appeal was officially rejected. Eight days later, a second fine, this time for NT$9,000 was issued. Now, two days before a deadline of Nov. 18, the store will start issuing receipts.

    Voice of Lee Geng-hsin
    National Tax Administration
    We will continue to offer counseling. The deadlines are different for each industry depending on the situation.

    Other traditional breakfast chain stores already in the sights of the National Tax Administration are: Yong He Dou Jiang, Lai Lai Dou Jiang and Taiyi Milk King plus a leading fried chicken chain.
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