Taipei’s new Songshan line attracts large crowd of commuters on first work day (2014/11/17)
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    Taipei’s new Songshan line attracts large crowd of commuters on first work day (2014/11/17)

    Taipei Metro’s new Songshan line has been operational for three days, with today being the first work day.
    While some passengers were confused by the layout during rush hour this morning, the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation is confident that the new line will ease traffic volume at the system’s most heavily congested stations.

    Mr. Cheng came from Luzhou and wanted to transfer to the Songshan line at Songjiang Nanjing Station. Unfortunately, he found himself wandering aimlessly, unable to find where to transfer.

    There were many confused commuters. On the first working day of the Songshan line, a number of commuters wishing to transfer exited the station too early.

    “This was the first day that I tested the line, (so I left my house) around 20 minutes early.”

    Opening of the Songshan line increased the number of transfer points on the MRT from nine to 12, improving passenger flow throughout the subway system.

    Shen Chih-chang
    TRTC Deputy Chairman
    This will help relieve passenger volume at Taipei Main Station by more than 40,000 passenger-trips, or 8 percent of traffic. The reduction in passenger volume at Zhonghxiao Fuxing Station will be about 5,000 people, or around 2 percent of traffic.

    TRTC estimates that 330,000 passengers traveled along the MRT system from 6-9 am, with 40,000 traveling along the Songshan line.
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    松山線首上班日 松江南京站迷路多






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