Team Taiwan from Asian Games belatedly celebrated in National Day parade (2018/10/10)
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    Team Taiwan from Asian Games belatedly celebrated in National Day parade (2018/10/10)

    Taiwan's national team set its best record in 20 years at the Asian Games in Indonesia this summer. A belated victory parade to honor the athletes was held on Taipei's Guanqian Rd. in conjunction with today's National Day celebration. Some members of the national team thanked the government for setting great store by the athletes, while the crowd thanked the team for achieving glory for the country.

    Confetti and streamers showered down on Guanqian Rd., a.k.a. the valley of heroes. This is the place where people cheer and honor the nation’s victorious athletes, and today the receivers of celebration were Taiwan’s national team in the Asian Games.

    Chou Tien-chen
    Asian Games silver medalist in badminton
    I missed last year’s Universiade victory parade. And it’s great to be able to feel the vibes this year. I think it’s awesome that the government is paying attention to athletes.

    Chen Kuei-ru
    Asian Games silver medalist in track & field
    I’m glad to see that Taiwan is holding an event like this again to encourage athletes, so that more people can see Taiwanese athletes.

    Team Taiwan took home 17 golds, 19 silvers and 31 bronzes from the Asian Games this summer. Wednesday’s rainy weather could not dampen the passion of the crowd, who cheered and thanked the team for fighting on behalf of the nation.

    Despite some absentees who were training for their next competitions, the heroes’ parade added a tinge of glory and pride for Taiwan on this National Day.
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