Amendment seeks to outline rights of president’s security detail (2011/12/07)
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    Amendment seeks to outline rights of president’s security detail (2011/12/07)

    Past election eve shootings of former President Chen Shui-bian and KMT stalwart Sean Lien have raised security concerns as January’s poll approaches. To address these worries, lawmakers plan to revisit an amendment outlining the rights of the president’s security detail.

    Someone yells angrily at President Ma and his security retinue leaps into action. Legislators hope to avoid this type of scene re-occurring. This Friday, ruling and opposition party legislators intend to re-start negotiations on a draft amendment that would regulate how the president’s security detail can act.

    Chang Hsien-yao
    KMT Legislator
    In the past there was the Xian Incident, the March 19 shooting and the shooting of my good friend Sean Lien when he was campaigning. Protecting the safety of the nation’s president is the most important part. It’s the same in every country in the world.

    In the future, security staff will be given designated control zones. In those zones, they will be permitted to put handcuffs on members of the public and detain them. Even more importantly, they will be given the right to use firearms and the power to perform judicial investigations. Although the DPP has given initial approval to the amendment to the Organic Act for the National Security Bureau, it promises that Friday’s negotiations will not be a formality.

    Tsai Huang-liang
    DPP Legislative Caucus Leader
    After the passage of this bill, we will definitely not allow the security detail to become like palace guards for an emperor. It must not become the president’s private army.

    In response to the DPP’s concerns, KMT Legislator Chang Hsien-yao said that the passage of the amendment will not restrict the people’s freedom. The National Security Bureau added that all its officials will act according to the law.
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