Donations to Taipei independent candidate already exceed election spending cap (2014/11/10)
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    Donations to Taipei independent candidate already exceed election spending cap (2014/11/10)

    Attention in Taiwan meanwhile is focused on the Nov. 25 elections. In Taipei, independent candidate Ko Wen-je will stop accepting donations because money received has already exceeded the government-mandated spending limit.

    Ko announced that he will stop accepting donations from this weekend and will give excess money to those in need.

    Ko Wen-je
    Independent Taipei Candidate
    After the election, I don’t plan on establishing a fund. The money that we gathered from the people will be returned to the people. When the time comes we will look at charitable organizations and make donations.

    Ko’s balance sheets show that his campaign has gathered more than NT$100 million. Rather than use the money on TV ads, as advisors suggested, Ko has decided to take advantage of the free, though sometimes treacherous, TV time that pundits offer.

    Ko Wen-je
    Independent Taipei Candidate
    Our opponent can buy votes, key supporters, bookies, advertisements, bookies or the legal apparatus. There are rumors that they excel in these areas. I want to break this code and risk my life giving talk show interviews.

    Ko’s main opponent, the KMT’s Sean Lien trails heavily in the polls. Yesterday Lien stated that he will ascend to the top of Taipei City government even if he has to crawl to reach it. In an interview today, Lien accused Ko of waging class warfare.
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    經費募逾上億 柯營宣布停止募款



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