In profile: Kuo Hsing-chun conquers adversity to lift Olympic gold (2021/07/28)
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    In profile: Kuo Hsing-chun conquers adversity to lift Olympic gold (2021/07/28)

    Taiwanese weightlifter Kuo Hsing-chun 郭婞淳 made history in Tokyo on Tuesday, winning gold in the women's 59 kg event and setting three Olympic records along the way. But her path to Olympic glory has not been an easy ride. Born into an underprivileged household, Kuo had to work twice as hard to advance in her sport. Now that she's an international champion, she doesn't think twice about helping out the less fortunate.

    Pu Ya-ling
    Kuo Hsing-chun’s high-school coach
    Finally! We’ve waited for this gold medal for so long. She finally won it after five years. I’m feeling very emotional, because it’s been such a long hard journey.

    Kuo’s high-school weightlifting coach Pu Ya-ling burst into tears after receiving news of Kuo’s triumph in Tokyo. She says Kuo’s road to gold was paved with hardship. The Olympic champion was brought up by a single mother and was a considerate and well-mannered child. When her mother became unable to pay the mortgage, they moved into a laborers’ dormitory. As she was growing up, Kuo had to work hard to get scholarships for school fees.

    Pu Ya-ling
    Kuo Hsing-chun’s high-school coach
    When she was 15, she came to the National Taitung University Affiliated Physical Education Senior High School. All her expenses – such as tuition fees, registration fees, and even her living expenses and her family’s – all of that was covered by athletic scholarships.

    Kuo made her first foray into weightlifting when she was a student at Bausun Junior High School in Taitung. Back then, she thought of lifting only as a conditioning exercise for track and field. She also dreamed of becoming a basketball star. All that changed when she competed in weightlifting at the National Games and won a gold medal. That turned a new chapter for the budding athlete.

    Kuo Hsing-chun’s mother
    Coach Shang-yi saw it in her, saw her speed when she was playing basketball. She saw that speed and figured that this small girl was capable of explosive strength. So, Coach got her into weightlifting.

    After glimpsing raw potential, the coach had Kuo get serious about lifting. Now her name is famous across Taiwan. But what’s not so well known is how she got that name. She was born with an umbilical cord wrapped around her neck and almost died – her given name is a pun on “lucky to be alive.”

    Yu Fang-ling
    Camillian Saint Mary’s Hospital Luodong
    Under the care of the medical team at the hospital, thanks to their attentive care, she was saved. That’s why her name is Kuo Hsing-chun. Her mother said she was a survivor, so she called her “Hsing-chun.” The first time she got Olympic prize money, she donated some to our hospital, to buy an ambulance.

    After her trials and tribulations, Kuo has now made history. Those who know her say
    she gives back to society whenever she has a chance. She often goes back to her alma mater.

    Kuo Hsing-chun (Sept. 28, 2017)
    Actually, I got my start in weightlifting at Bausun Junior High. Of course, when I have some time, I come back to my old school. The resources here aren’t so … good, relatively speaking. So I think Bausun Junior High really needs our help.

    As a child, Kuo sometimes went to bed hungry. Now as an elite weightlifter, she understands the value of a balanced diet. She says that after retiring from her sport, she wants to open a breakfast shop in Taitung, so that local kids can stop by for their most important meal of the day.

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    曾經搬進工寮 郭婞淳靠獎學金就學成長路艱辛


    [[郭婞淳高中舉重教練 蒲雅玲]]


    [[郭婞淳高中舉重教練 蒲雅玲]]



    [[聖母醫院公關主任 俞芳苓]]
    “透過醫院團隊全力的一個照顧,悉心的一個照顧才能夠救回小命,因此她的名字叫郭婞淳,媽媽說她倖存下來 所以叫郭婞淳,所以當年她的第一部,這個第一筆的獎金就捐給聖母醫院,購買救護車”


    [[舉重國手 郭婞淳 (2017.09.28)]]

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