The US considers waiving visa requirements for Taiwanese travelers (2011/12/23)
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    The US considers waiving visa requirements for Taiwanese travelers (2011/12/23)

    Travel industry experts say the number of Taiwanese visitors to the United States could surge by more than 20 percent if Taiwan gains admission to the U.S. Visa Waiver Program. If Taiwan’s application is successful, travelers will not only save more than NT$4,000 in application fees, but will also be freed of the laborious application processes.

    The American Institute in Taiwan announced yesterday that the US is considering waiving visa requirements for Taiwanese travelers. To the Taiwanese public, waiving of the US visa will be a great improvement as the current application process is very complicated.

    In addition to NT$4340 in fees, the DS-160 non-immigration forms must be filled out online. The document is more than 10 pages long and normally takes more than half an hour to complete. After the application there is still the interview process. If the interview is not approved, then the applicant needs to resubmit the application.

    If visas to the US are waived, Taiwanese travelers will only have to fill out an electronic application online and pay a fee the day prior to travel.

    Yu Kuo-chen
    Lion Travel Spokesperson
    Once the visa has been waived, I think the number of group and business travelers to the US will increase significantly. It could be as much as 20 or 30 percent.

    Privately, travel agents predicted that the number of travelers could even double as they did when UK visas were waived for Taiwanese travelers two years ago. Furthermore, airlines may increase flights to accommodate the increase.

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    [[雄獅旅行社發言人 游國珍]]
    “開放之後, 我想前往美國地區旅遊, 團體跟商務旅客的佔比,會有大幅度調整 正式開放以後,相信它的成長幅度,兩成到三成以上都有可能”


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