Supermarkets begin selling ready-to-drink coffee (2011/04/04)
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    Supermarkets begin selling ready-to-drink coffee (2011/04/04)

    Many businesses are trying to get a piece of Taiwan’s NT$40 billion coffee market. After convenience stores began selling coffee to go a few years back, supermarkets have joined in, showing that a full-scale takeaway coffee war has begun.

    Walking into a convenience store and ordering a cup of steaming hot coffee has become a habit of many working people in Taiwan.

    Ms. Su
    Office Worker
    After I started work, I have drunk one cup every day. It’s been about five or six years.

    Convenience stores have been a great place for cheap coffee, but now Ms. Su has another choice. Supermarkets such as Matsusei, Wellcome and Simple Mart have started selling coffee by setting up coffee machines in their stores. They have their eyes on the NT$40 billion annual market for ready-to-drink coffee in Taiwan.

    Su Tse-hsiang
    Supermarket Manager
    In terms of general acceptance levels, the early period of promotion is more difficult because no one knows that we have this service. Gradually, through the use of promotional leaflets, customers are slowly discovering these products. Except for the first month, we’ve had about 2 to 3 percent growth each month.

    When walking the streets of Taipei, in addition to coffee shops and convenience stores, now supermarkets have entered the business, making it extra convenient for coffee lovers. While the extra convenience is great for consumers, for business owners, a coffee war has just got under way.
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