US President Joe Biden says US committed to defending Taiwan in Chinese attack (2021/10/22)
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    US President Joe Biden says US committed to defending Taiwan in Chinese attack (2021/10/22)

    The U.S. has a commitment to defend Taiwan, if it comes under attack from China. That's what U.S. President Joe Biden said during the latest CNN Town Hall on Thursday. The U.S. State Department has since come out to reiterate that the U.S. is maintaining strategic ambiguity in the Indo-Pacific, but Biden's remark was still seen as a positive show of support of Taiwan. Meanwhile, other U.S. officials have called on U.N. member states to stop misusing Resolution 2758 to obstruct Taiwan's meaningful participation in the U.N. system.

    Joe Biden
    US President
    I don’t want a cold war with China, I just want to make China understand that we are not going to step back, we are not going to change any of our views.

    Anderson Cooper
    CNN host
    So are you saying that the United States would come to Taiwan’s defense, if China attacked?

    Joe Biden
    US President
    Yes, we have a commitment to do that.

    During an interview on CNN, U.S. President Joe Biden said that the U.S. has a commitment to Taiwan, and that the U.S. would defend Taiwan in the event of an attack by China. Some have interpreted Biden’s words as a reiteration of the U.S.’ stance on Taiwan.

    Wang Ting-yu
    DPP legislator
    The U.S. has maintained a policy of strategic ambiguity with respect to the Asia-Pacific region. However, on the issues of regional security and military posturing, it is already moving in a clear direction.

    The U.S. has recently manifested support for Taiwan in other ways as well.

    Rick Waters
    US deputy assistant secretary of state
    I still have mine. It’s getting a bit old, but it was an incredible token of appreciation.

    In an online conference with other Asia experts, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Rick Waters showed off one of the face masks donated by Taiwan last year. He also criticized China’s misuse of U.N. Resolution 2758 to exclude Taiwan from the WHO and other international organizations.

    Rick Waters
    US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
    As to why this is occurring, to us the reason is that the People’s Republic of China has misused Resolution 2758 to prevent Taiwan’s meaningful participation.

    Bonnie Glaser
    German Marshall Fund director
    This is obviously a deliberate distortion of the resolution, and should be challenged by countries around the world who support Taiwan’s meaningful participation.

    The Taiwanese government has also on many occasions reiterated that the resolution only addresses the issue of China’s representation in the U.N. The Tsai administration has also asserted that neither side of the Taiwan Strait is subordinate to the other, and that as such, the resolution should not inhibit Taiwan’s participation in U.N. systems.

    Lo Chih-cheng
    DPP legislator
    Taiwan has always wanted this type of support from the international community. I believe that this support will be very helpful to Taiwan’s future efforts to participate in the U.N.

    DPP lawmakers have argued that the U.S.’ calls for an end to the misuse of Resolution 2758 are evidence that support is growing for Taiwan’s participation in the U.N.

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    中國對台動作頻頻 拜登重申捍衛台灣承諾

    面對中國對台灣的武嚇威脅,美國總統拜登在美國時間21號晚間,參加CNN節目時明確表態,美國對台灣有承諾,如果中國發動攻擊,美國將保衛台灣。而今年聯大2758號決議將滿50年,美 國國務院亞太副助卿華自強就批評中國,錯誤使用此決議,使得台灣被排除在聯合國之外,呼籲各國都應該支持台灣參與聯合國。

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