The CECC says it is discussing options to handle traveler needs for Lunar New Year (2021/10/22)
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    The CECC says it is discussing options to handle traveler needs for Lunar New Year (2021/10/22)

    Health officials say Taiwan is considering easing COVID quarantine regulations ahead of the Lunar New Year. The CECC says some of the possibilities include making the mandatory quarantine shorter or even making home quarantine an option once again. Currently, travelers to Taiwan must be quarantined at designated hotels or facilities upon landing. But quarantine hotels in Taipei are nearly fully booked ahead of the holiday period. Let's hear from the health minister.

    Chen Shih-chung
    Health minister
    We’ve also taken note of the situation. Quarantine hotel capacity indeed can’t meet demand from January on. Last year, we were proactive in arranging quarantine hotels, and we currently have capacity of 26,000 rooms. The pandemic is under control in Taiwan, so demand for domestic travel will likely be very high during the Lunar New Year. That means that expanding the quarantine hotel network might is not a likely option. So now we’re considering… There will be many Taiwanese hoping to come back after two years abroad. So we’re considering different options while keeping up COVID measures. We may ease some regulations. Right now, we’re investigating and taking stock of how and when people will be returning. We want to make it so that people can come home in a safe way. That’s our overall approach.

    Taiwan currently has a total of 30,000 beds in quarantine hotels and government facilities, but that may not be enough to meet the Lunar New Year demand. Government officials say they are assessing different possibilities, and that they'll announce any changes once a decision is reached.
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    春節防疫旅館難求 陳時中:擬居檢.縮隔離天數


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