CAA may close Pingtung Airport due to low usage rate (2011/02/15)
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    CAA may close Pingtung Airport due to low usage rate (2011/02/15)

    Budget concerns have led the Civil Aeronautics Administration to look for ways to improve the low usage rate of some of the country’s airports. In one of the more drastic moves, it may close Pingtung Airport. Opened just six years ago at a cost of NT$1.5 billion, the airport services only about 300 people per month.

    NT$1.5 billion was spent to construct Pingtung Airport, but on some days it has no flights at all. A sign says the electricity has been turned off. The little-used airport is now going to be closed.

    Yang Chih-hsiung
    Civil Aeronautics Administration
    Monthly passenger volume is around 300 and only roughly 30 flights are serviced. It is one of the lower volume airports. We hope that during March we can move toward closing it.

    A 2009 survey of Taiwan’s 18 airports by the National Audit Office showed that apart from Taoyuan International Airport, Taichung Airport and Kinmen’s Shangyi Airport, the other 15 are all being used at less than 50 percent of capacity. Of those, 13 have income so low that they are unable to pay their own personnel costs. The shortfall runs to around NT$240 million annually.

    Lai Kun-cheng
    DPP Legislator
    Mistaken policy decisions have created these huge losses for the national budget. We think this should be reviewed thoroughly.

    In the past, profits from Taoyuan Airport were used to make up for losses of the others. However, starting from this year, a restructuring of the company that runs the Taoyuan Airport reduced the funds allocated for outside use. That forced the hand of the Civil Aeronautics Administration in dealing with the low usage rate of some domestic airports.

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