Officials condemn rumors claiming missing F-16 jet pilot defected to China (2020/11/20)
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    Officials condemn rumors claiming missing F-16 jet pilot defected to China (2020/11/20)

    The search continues for the F-16 jet that went missing shortly after taking off in Hualien earlier this week. Meanwhile, rumors about the incident have begun circulating on social media. Some claim that the pilot of the aircraft actually went missing by choice, to defect to China. Taiwan's officials on Friday condemned the claim, saying it was part of China's disinformation strategy.

    Su Tseng-chang
    We severely condemn this type of disinformation. It is ridiculous and inhuman.

    Yen De-fa
    Minister of National Defense
    It is very despicable behavior. They completely believe their own lies – they are narcissistic, and they spread rumors to deceive the masses. Chiang’s wife is aware of this and she is even more resentful. She is outraged by this injustice against her husband. She told us her husband is a hero.

    President Tsai Ing-wen also weighed in on Facebook, saying the rumors were a classic attempt to wear down morale. She said she would absolutely not tolerate any behavior that undermines people's trust in the military's resolution to defend Taiwan.
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    中網軍誣指蔣正志投誠 蔡英文:身為三軍統帥不能容忍


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