Typhoon Morakot to bring much-needed rain to break drought (2009/08/07)
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    Typhoon Morakot to bring much-needed rain to break drought (2009/08/07)

    The arrival of Typhoon Morakot has brought some good news, ending the current drought and allowing Taiwan reservoirs to quickly refill. The Water Resources Agency estimates that the Shihmen Reservoir will collect roughly the equivalent of the reservoir's total storage capacity. The typhoon rains have not only brought an end to northern Taiwan's drought control measures, but Shihmen Reservoir could begin discharging water by as early as Saturday.

    Heavy rains brought by Typhoon Morakot are expected to help the Shihmen Reservoir accumulate 200 million tons of water, more than the reservoir's total storage capacity. Prior to the typhoon, the reservoir had recorded low water levels that have quickly risen by a remarkable 10.37 meters, to a new water level of 234.63 meters.

    Jian Jhao-Chun
    Water Resources Agency
    If we receive another 600 millimeters of continuous rainfall, then we will have to release water, said Jian Jhao-Chun Deputy Director of the Water Resources Agency’s Northern Region Office.

    Reservoirs throughout Taiwan, from north to south, have all been replenished, though the sudden rainfall may have been too much, stirring up sediment, leading to the implementation of special measures to access different layers of water to supply the public when needed.

    Jian Jhao-Chun
    Water Resources Agency
    If water turbidity increases, we will start to implement measures to stratify water for downstream civilian water supply needs, said Jian.

    The arrival of Typhoon Morakot, has led to the suspension of drought control measures in the greater Taoyuan area, and will also temporarily resolve Taiwan’s water shortage crisis.

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    [[北水局副局長 簡昭群]]


    [[北水局副局長 簡昭群]]

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