Exhibitions put spotlight on indigenous people making a change (2020/07/31)
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    Exhibitions put spotlight on indigenous people making a change (2020/07/31)

    Three exhibitions showcasing Taiwan's indigenous people will kick off over this summer at three different locations. It's a project jointly coordinated by the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education and Council of Indigenous Peoples ~to let the public better understand the situation of indigenous people in modern-day Taiwan. The three exhibitions will feature stories from indegenous people striving to make a difference in their communities.

    They take to the stage with a duet. He is Tulbus Mangququ from the Kunuan village tribe. She is Ibu Hu from Kaiana Workroom.

    This is Cudjuy Patjidres, the only Paiwan traditional tattoo artist in Taiwan. He demonstrates what the process entails.

    The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture, and the Council of Indigenous Peoples have joined forces to organize three exhibitions showcasing Taiwan's indigenous culture. Each will open at a different venue. One opened at the Taichung Science Museum on July 27. The others are at Taitung's National Museum of Prehistory and Indigenous Peoples Cultural Development Center in Pingtung.

    Pan Wen-chung
    Education minister
    Be it in Taiwan, Asia or around the world, indigenous people have made outstanding contributions everywhere. It lets everyone see that indigenous groups don't just have their unique cultural attributes, but also very specialized skills.

    The exhibits show how indigenous people have forged a path of their own in the modern world. Through interviews, the curators recount the stories of several indigenous people in Taiwan. One of them is Valis Tanapima, a Bunun physician working at Cheng Hsin General Hospital in Taipei. The doctor has worked to ensure first-aid preparedness in indigenous tribes, pushing for more CPR training and defibrillators. Thanks to her advocacy, the indigenous tribes in Nantou's Xinyi Township now have 13 defibrillators.

    Valis Tanapima
    Cheng Hsin General Hospital physician
    My specialty is first aid, so I'll be promoting first aid in the exhibition. There are more than 700 tribes in my indigenous township, but only around 100 of them have AEDs. I'm taking it step by step. Through this exhibition, I want to tell indigenous children: "Don't underestimate yourselves. Accept yourselves. We are all so great."

    Organizers hope the exhibitions will give the public a better understanding of indigenous culture and encourage people to be more engaged in indigenous affairs.

    中文 Chinese  
    「拿麼厲害」原住民族主題展 七月底起陸續展出


    在台上演出的,是來自馬遠部落的Tulbus Mangququ,還有崁頂部落蓋亞那工作坊的Ibu。

    這位則是全台唯一的傳統拍刺紋身師Cudjuy Patjidres,他在現場示範排灣族傳統拍刺紋。


    [[教育部部長 潘文忠 ]]

    展覽內容呈現原民如何在現代世界中走出自己的路。這次聯合策展的策展人,訪問了許多辛勤付出的原住民及團體,在三館所介紹他們的故事。像是振興醫院急診醫學部主治醫師Valis Tanapima (田知學),她是布農族,積極的在部落裡推廣CPR和AED,現在南投信義鄉的原住民部落已經有十三台AED。

    [[振興醫院急診醫學部主治醫師 Valis Tanapima(田知學)]]

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