Taiwan’s six major cities to increase land value tax rates, with biggest hike in Taipei (2016/10/28)
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    Taiwan’s six major cities to increase land value tax rates, with biggest hike in Taipei (2016/10/28)

    Those living in houses they own will this year have to pay an average of NT$404 more than last year in taxes on their land, after a significant hike in the land value tax rate across Taiwan. The hike is especially steep for residents of Taiwan’s six major cities, where land value taxes will go up 30 percent. The 220,000 Taipei houseowners who live in their residences will be hit the hardest, paying an extra NT$1,300 per household.

    Mr. Lee lives in this apartment block in Taipei. His share of the land occupied by his building, or the area on which he has to pay land value tax, is 9 ping. Thanks to this year’s hike, his land value tax owed on those 9 ping is NT$4,000 more than last year.

    Lee Ting-jun
    Local Resident
    Just speaking in terms of monthly utility bills, NT$4600 is at least the equivalent of two or three months’-worth of water and electricity bills.

    Finance Ministry data shows that land value taxes will increase for around 90 percent of property owners across Taiwan. Rates in the country’s six major cities will go up for everyone, with an average increase of 30 percent on last year.

    Lang Mei-nan
    Real Estate Agent
    For example, the two major categories of rooftop units and luxury apartments will see more obvious increases in their land value taxes. Some areas could even see land value tax increases in excess of 100 percent.

    This year’s hike in the land value tax is expected to increase national tax revenues by NT$95 billion per year. But the increased tax burden is more than trivial for some property owners.
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