ITRI showcases tech innovations in Tainan (2020/01/14)
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    ITRI showcases tech innovations in Tainan (2020/01/14)

    The Industrial Technology Research Institute held a forum on Tuesday and showcased nearly 30 innovations by Southern Taiwan-based companies. One highlight was a smart monitoring system for fish farmers. Another was a service that produces customized medical equipment with a 3D printer. In recent years, ITRI has worked closely with companies in the south, helping them upgrade by adopting new technologies.

    Working in line with government policies on balancing regional development, ITRI has been helping companies in Southern Taiwan build smart technology applications.

    Liu Wen-hsiung
    ITRI president
    We want to promote industrial upgrading. Second, we want to harness the area’s competitive advantages. Our third strategy is to inject new life here. We want young people to come back and start businesses.

    In Tainan, ITRI held a forum showcasing Southern Taiwanese companies and their latest innovations. Among them was a microsensor system that monitors water quality. It’s proven able to help fish farmers increase the survival rate of their fry.

    The main hardware is the water quality sensors and environment monitoring modules. You can monitor it on your phone. You can even use your phone to control it remotely.

    Another highlight is this marriage of 3D printing and Southern Taiwan’s medical equipment technologies.

    Using 3D printing technology and stainless steel, biocompatible materials, and titanium alloys, we are able to offer customized medical equipment.

    Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-cher said he looked forward to ITRI ushering in more technologies and turning Tainan into a high-tech historical city.

    Huang Wei-cher
    Tainan mayor
    ITRI has rapidly integrated Tainan’s industry, public sector, academia, and key trends. It has worked hand in hand with President Tsai to develop Southern Taiwan. I feel extremely, extremely thankful for that.

    ITRI hopes to be able to work with more companies in the future to build up Southern Taiwan and generate more economic value.
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    工研院辦南台灣創新論壇 帶動產業升級



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