Formosa Plastics appeals against strengthened emissions tests aimed at Changhua factory (2016/07/11)
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    Formosa Plastics appeals against strengthened emissions tests aimed at Changhua factory (2016/07/11)

    Zhanghua residents are up in arms over an attempt by a local Formosa Plastics factory to skirt more stringent environmental regulations. They note the company was fined NT$16.2 billion over water pollution by one of its steel factories in Vietnam, and say Formosa shouldn't be allowed to pollute with impunity in Taiwan.

    Some of these Changhua residents appeared with their children at a press conference at the Legislature. Wearing blue headbands, they sought to draw attention to the air pollution and bad odors released by a fifty-year-old Formosa Plastics Group factory in their county.

    Mrs. Yang
    It’s really smelly, enough to make you uncomfortable. We’ve already gotten used to this smell as part of living in Changhua, but I hope that my children won’t have to continue to put up with it.

    Eighty-eight schools with a total enrollment of around 56,000 students are located within a five-mile radius of the chemical factory. Findings show that the lung cancer rates among males and females in Changhua County are the highest and third-highest in the nation, respectively, but the EPA has only this year gotten around to designating the factory as a special industrial area requiring airborne emissions tests and a surrounding “green zone” separating it from local residents. Nobody expected, though, that the factory operators had submitted an administrative appeal over the EPA ruling.

    Hsu Yung-ming
    NPP Legislator
    I believe that our democratic Taiwan absolutely cannot be bested by authoritarian Vietnam on this. If Vietnam can (levy fines), I don’t believe that our democratic government here is totally helpless in the face of Formosa Plastics and Formosa Chemicals.

    Legislators called for the EPA to stand firm in the face of the appeal by Formosa Chemicals, saying that the administration needed to give the children of Changhua a chance to breathe clean air once again.

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