Government slashes import duties for milk powder (2011/11/14)
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    Government slashes import duties for milk powder (2011/11/14)

    Anger over recent dairy price increases has prompted the government to take action. It is cutting import duties for infant formula and powered milk by half and will pressure retailers to reflect the change in their prices.

    The decision to cut duties on infant formula was made by the Ministry of Finance during a committee meeting.

    Hwang Ding-fang
    Deputy Finance Minister
    To better regulate the milk powder supply and to stabilize domestic prices, we have included infant formula and modified milk powder under the customs rate decrease. The rates will be cut by half.

    Corn and soy powder will also have their import duties cut by 50 percent while butter and cheese import duties will drop by a quarter. Rates for coarse and refined sugar were kept the same because global supplies are under control.

    Hwang Ding-fang
    Deputy Finance Minister
    We have asked the Ministry of Economic Affairs and related agencies to negotiate with commodities firms to make sure that consumers benefit from the lower customs rates. The change needs to be reflected in retail prices.

    The lower rates are scheduled to last for half a year and are expected to reduce tax revenues by more than NT$160 million.
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    [[財政部次長 黃定方]]


    [[財政部次長 黃定方]]

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