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Hospital rules tighten and facilities prepare for upsurge in COVID-19 cases
The 32nd case of coronavirus in Taiwan has been announced. She's an Indonesian caregiver who was infected when looking after another coronavirus patient in New Taipei City. Health ministry officials are overhauling rules on hospital visits and preparing more facilities to handle an upsurge of cases. The fight to prevent hospital transmissions is now top priority.

A caregiver from Indonesia in her 30s has become the latest patient diagnosed with coronavirus. Despite not having the legal ...(more)
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Tsai suspends inauguration ceremony preparations amid COVID-19
President Tsai Ing-wen has announced the suspension of all preparation for her second inauguration ceremony scheduled for May 20. In a post on social media, she wrote that the decision was made to make epidemic prevention her top priority.

The ceremony will not be a "large-scale event" as in previous years. Finally, Tsai wrote that she would abide by the advice of the Central Epidemic ...(more)
Japan and Korea must become the next focus of coronavirus prevention, say experts
Health experts and government officials are turning their attention to containing the threat of coronavirus infections from Japan and South Korea. In recent days, the number of patients diagnosed with the virus in each country has soared. Experts say the focus of Taiwan's policies should shift from China to its northeastern neighbors.

Pedestrians wear masks on the street. Current public ..(more)
Taiwanese race to leave South Korea before quarantine deadline
Taiwanese nationals are racing to get out of South Korea ahead of a Thursday deadline, after which all arrivals will be subject to a 14-day home quarantine. As of Wednesday, South Korea has confirmed more than 1,000 cases of COVID-19. This afternoon, Taoyuan's international airport was hit with an influx of Taiwanese returning early to beat the deadline.

These arrivals included Taiwanese ..(more)
Passport applications coming soon to a household registration office near you
Starting next month, a trial program will let citizens apply for their first passport without traveling to the Bureau of Consular Affairs. Instead they'll only have to go so far as their local household registration office, before paying the application fee at a convenience store. The turnaround time will be twice as long as the current four work days. But for some applicants, the convenience ..(more)
Transitional Justice Database goes live with lost chapters of history
The Taiwan Transitional Justice Database is now live. It's a free online archive of government files once kept secret. There are court records on tens of thousands of people persecuted during the Martial Law era. The Transitional Justice Commission, which built the database, said it was a step toward the restoration of Taiwan's history.

The Transitional Justice Commission inaugurated its ..(more)
Donations pour into Hualien church to repair fire damage at recycling site
A Catholic church in Hualien's Yuli Township has raised at least NT$400,000 to repair a recycling center that was damaged in a fire last Saturday. The recycling site had been a source of revenue for the church and its work helping the disadvantaged.

These donations poured in just 36 hours after the fire. On Sunday, the church's priest, Yves Moal, posted a video on social media thanking ..(more)
Ex-health officials slam Ma for remarks on Wuhan evacuations
Two former health officials have slammed former President Ma Ying-jeou for insisting that Taiwan should continue evacuating its citizens from Wuhan. Former health minister Yeh Ching-chuan said that political rhetoric was unhelpful in the fight against disease.

He said Ma's public remarks only created fires for public health officials to put out, leaving them less time to deal with ..(more)
Gold price spikes as coronavirus cases surge
In the markets, fears over the spread of COVID-19 have led to a widespread selloff of risky assets. Meanwhile the safe haven of gold has hit its highest level in seven years. Analysts say that the rising trend in gold prices is likely to persist, as the epidemic shows no signs of abating.

Amid COVID-19, demand for safe-haven assets has skyrocketed. The price of gold soared from US$1,600 ..(more)
Massage parlor chain rolls out safety measures for COVID-19
As the coronavirus spreads, Taiwan's service sector is feeling the brunt of the economic shock. Customers are increasingly steering clear of spas, hair salons, and other businesses that require close human contact. In Taipei, one massage parlor chain has rolled out a raft of stringent health measures to reassure patrons. Let's take a look.

Massage parlors are stepping up public health ..(more)
Hualien hospital launches telemedicine services for people in home quarantine
People in home quarantine due to epidemic prevention measures can now make use of the new telemedicine services offered by Hualien's Tzu Chi Hospital. Currently the system is only open to people quarantined or isolated at home after returning from epidemic areas or being in contact with confirmed COVID-19 cases. Nurses first speak with patients over the phone to check the time of the ..(more)
Chih-wei Hu, Tzu-wei Lin look sharp in spring training
In U.S. Major League Baseball, Taiwanese players were looking good on Tuesday during spring training matches. Pitcher Chih-wei Hu made his first appearance on the mound for the San Diego Padres. Over one inning of work, Hu earned his first save and gave up only one hit and no runs. Meanwhile infielder Tzu-wei Lin was able to carry his momentum from the day before to pick up one hit and one RBI ..(more)
Turkish expert chefs bring flavors from home to Taipei
Taipei is known as a paradise for food lovers. Ergul Kayretli, a long-time restaurateur from Ankara, the capital of Turkey, decided to set up a shop in Taipei. Formosa Television spoke to two of his restaurant's expert chefs. They hope to bring Turkish cuisine to both locals and homesick foreigners in Taiwan.

Seasoned meat stacked in the shape of an inverted cone is turned slowly on the ..(more)
Inca nuts thriving in Hualien’s Yuli township
Have you ever heard of Inca nuts? They're the nutrient-rich seeds of a plant native to South America. The nuts can be used to produce oils and snacks but can also be used as an ingredient in beauty products. The Inca nut plant thrives in sunny and rainy climates, making Hualien an ideal place to cultivate it. A local agricultural cooperative has taken to cultivating organic Inca nuts to draw ..(more)

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